Auto Gordian Knot

Auto Gordian Knot Stable 2.55

Auto Gordian Knot is a DivX / XviD backup utility which supports DVDs, MPEG2 (such as DVB captures and transport streams), MPEG1 sources and AVI/DV sources. Encoding into your favourite MPEG4 format has never been easier.

Key features include:

DVD/VOBs(unencrypted from hdd), MPEG2, MPEG1, transport streams (including multi-program ones) and AVI/DV input sources
XviD or DivX(5/6) output formats
AC3, DTS, PCM, MPA input audio tracks
AC3, DTS, MPA, CBR/VBR MP3 output audio tracks

It also features automatic detection of input sources: PAL, NTSC, FILM, HYBRID and an automatic deinterlacer and IVTC.

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Auto Gordian Knot


Auto Gordian Knot Stable 2.55

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